Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, I really never thought about any football team other than the Steelers. Everyone in my family, for the most part, is a Steelers fan.  No one is an Eagles fan, not that there's anything wrong with that *rolls eyes.* It just wasn't something you questioned, it just was.  The only debate about football when I was growing up was Pitt or Penn State, and being a rebel, I went to both schools, much to my parents chagrin.So when I read this book, and heard Tim's story about being a fan, it was reminiscent of my own childhood.  The story is likely one heard throughout Steeler Nation.  What struck me the most was the story of his daughter, Mary Rose, who he said he never pushed to be a Steelers fan, yet there are photos of her throughout wearing different jerseys and even with Art Rooney Jr and another with Mike Tomlin.  I am struck by her story for two reasons: first, her bond with her Dad and watching football and talking football.  That's much like my own relationship with my father.  I have said before, I can call my dad on any given Sunday and talk during commercials, no one offended when the other hangs up when the plays start.  Second, Mary Rose is a lot like my own son - a Steelers fan by birth - neither of them having been born in Pittsburgh nor Pennsylvania, yet they love the team. That's one reason Steeler Nation is so spread out today.  Anyone who has been at my house to watch a game knows, Steelerboy paces upstairs because he doesn't want to watch with me.  There are even times, likely when the score isn't in our favor, when he chooses to block the TV so even I can't see what's going on, begging me to turn it off.  Yes, he takes his life in his own hands while doing so.  He should know better by now.  Besides, he really doesn't want me to turn off the game, he just really wants them to win.I enjoyed Gleasons story, and think that most fans would as well.  Gleason draws on a lot of the Steelers history, the background of the Rooneys - the best owners in the NFL without a doubt - and the good years and the bad years for the team.  The story is divided into two sections, the black years - the first 38 years of existence and the gold years, the next 37.  It's a great read and I recommend each of you take some time to check it out.When you are finished reading, there will be a quiz - because I promise you, there will be some little fact that you will learn about the Steelers that you didn't know before.Gleason self-published the book and I am attaching the flyer to order.  It's well worth the read. You can also order the book online here.Let me know what you think!