[picappgallerysingle id="3915581"]It seems like I have written this post a hundred times over. Clearly, I am not the only one, either since Joe Starkey and I share similar views.We see it every season.  When the defense kicks butt, we win games. When they are weak, we lose games.With everyone focused on analyzing whether or not Ben's missing six (4) games will have a huge impact, the reality really is will the defense be healthy and ready to roll.  All signs say yes.  That's why this team could be dangerous.  Football fans all over think the Steelers will be 3rd in the AFC North, that's not a bad prediction, if you are discounting the defense and the 2010 schedule.  After all, that's exactly where they were predicted to finish two years ago, the same year they became 6-time Super Bowl Champs.In other words, go ahead, don't think about the defense, focus on stalling the running game because you think that's all Byron or Dixon can do in Ben's absence. Forget about our secondary because you feel they can't cover your receivers.  And most of all, please forget about the Steelers front three and the linebackers.But after you forget all that, remember to come back to me at the end of the season and let's see where we stand then.I'm going to say it here now, I think the Steelers will have a 12-4 season.What do you think?