First on our list is relief pitchers Brandon Gomes. Being one of the pitchers acquired from the San Diego Padres in exchange for Jason Bartlett, he could become the one with the most success for the Rays.

Gomes finished the 2011 campaign with a 2.92 ERA in 37.0 innings, while striking out 7.78 batters per nine innings. He walked 3.89 batters while giving up 0.73 home runs, and allowing a BABIP of .287, showing the great defense behind him. His xFIP was slightly elevated at 4.51, partially due to his low BABIP, but famous baseball researcher Bill James predicted Gomes to have continuous success in his handbook.

James believes that Gomes could finish the 2012 season with 44.0 innings under his belt and a 2.45 ERA. His strikeout rate has been high in the minor leagues, peaking at 14.21 per nine in a little over 25 innings with the Durham Bulls. He is estimated to elevate his K/9 to 11.45 while reducing his walking and homerun average even more.

Gomes could become one of the key pieces in the Rays bullpen, which wasn't entirely reconstructed like prior to the 2011 season.